December 25, 2013

RS World Event-The Bird and the Beast

Bandos and Armadyl are locked in a standoff deific above Falador. From the top of the towering building, they are collecting the divine energy to promote the amazing power of siege weapons – enough to kill a god.

After your loyalty oath Armadyl or Bandos, you will support the collection of energy to help you God to get his shot off first, kill each other outright.


Protection issued to collect the energy and attack those who belong to the enemy and friendly caravan; fighting enemy players, to build a strong structure along the caravan routes of war, have your say in the grand strategy around you – all to ensure that your God a standing end!

Once you’ve spoken to Kara-Meir north of Falador and chosen your side, you’re good to get started. Read on, and see the wiki for full details of everything you can do to help.

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