December 17, 2012

Recruit a Friend for Free Membership

We’ve relaunched our Recruit a Friend programme and now it’s better than ever! Here’s what you’ll get when one of your recruited friends becomes a member:

  • You’ll earn yourself 30 days of membership free!
  • When your recruited friend earns XP, you’ll receive an XP bonus!
  • You’ll get a teamwork XP bonus whenever you and your recruited friend are on the same world and together!

Note that the XP bonuses mentioned above are given as increased XP gain, earned as you train your own skills, in the skills trained by your recruited friend.

Remember, you can recruit multiple friends and earn even more free membership and XP bonuses!

To get started, simply click here and click “Recruit Friends Now!” Once you’ve done so, your nominated friends will receive an email with details of how to get involved. There’s never been a better time to bring your friends to RuneScape, so start recruiting now!

Any questions? Check out our wiki page and FAQ here.

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