October 25, 2013

RS3 Waterfiend of Slayer task

Attack a waterfiend and summon your bunyip or unicorn. The bunyip will allow you to eat the raw fish that they drop. They commonly drop stacks of raw lobster and raw shark. Use protection from ranged attack prayer to minimize the damage they do to you. Also use your potions to keep your attack and strength skills boosted. Collect as much loot as you can. Most of the drops from waterfiends are in note form so that they can be stacked in your inventory. Many of their drops, such as mithril ore and water orbs, can be sold quickly on the Grand Exchange for a fair price.


Go to your bank and withdraw a set of armor that has a good defense against magic such as black dragonhide or Karil’s armor. Also bring a crushing weapon such as a Zamorak spear or a Saradomin sword. If you have the requirements to use a unicorn, bring one. Otherwise you should bring a bunyip and some swallow hole scrolls. Also bring prayer potions and your attack and strength potions. Teleport to the barbarian outpost using an enchanted sapphire necklace. Head south and jump into the whirlpool at the end of the dock. You will end up in the ancient cavern where the waterfiends are located. Alternately, you can access the ancient cavern using the “BJQ” fairy ring code once you have repaired the fairy ring in the cavern. The repair requires a spade and five bittercap mushrooms.

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Waterfiends are one of the best creatures in all of RuneScape for collecting summoning charms. They can be very dangerous for unprepared players due to their magic and ranged attacks. They are very powerful for a level 115 monster. Waterfiends are also a possible Slayer task from Duradel and Kuradal.

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