December 17, 2012

Start the month with membership

As the Christmas holiday season approaches, we’re braving icy winds and frostbite to ensure this year’s Christmas is aura-some, with the Festive Aura!

Not only does this aura look cool as ice; activating it gives you an incredible bonus every single day of December: 30 minutes to rake in XP with a massive 50% boost!

We’re proud to present two fully voice-acted quests featuring the adventuring enchantress Ariane: one for free players and members, replacing the old Rune Mysteries quest, and an all-new quest for members. If you like your quests full of magic and discovery, and your heroines as erudite as they are headstrong, read on.

Start the month with membership and you’ll get your hands on the aura on December 1st. Details of how you’ll get the aura are coming soon. Join on any other day of the month and it’ll be yours the moment your membership starts!

What’s more, every Saturday and Sunday in December is a Winter Weekend, each featuring a hearty bonus for members, starting with this weekend – December 1st and 2nd – with double drops on bosses! There are five weekends in total, with members’ bonuses including double Dungeoneering XP and double minigame rewards to come. Watch this space for further updates.

December is already set to be an incredible month with the launch of our Tzhaar Grandmaster Quest: The Brink of Extinction, Player-Owned Ports, plus our awesome Xmas 2012 Stray Dog event. To grab your aura – with its 50% XP boost every day in December – click here and become a member today.

You’ll delve deep into the ruins of the very first Wizards’ Tower, which was once home to four distinct orders: the serene Blue Wizards; the wise Green Wizards; the free-thinking Red Wizards and the analytical Grey Wizards. You’ll need to solve the puzzle of how to enter, and decide what sort of mage you are to unlock the old tower’s secrets and save the new one from its fiery fate.

Rewards include a magical staff that’s handy for low-level mages, as well as a unique wizard’s hat and title, both of which reflect the magical order you aligned yourself with in the old tower (you’ll have the opportunity to change this, if you wish).

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