December 8, 2012

The impact of Evolution of Combat on Slayer

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The turkeys of RuneScape have been in hiding since last November, secretly plotting ways to secure protection in Gielinor and save themselves from an inevitable, roasted death. A year on, their planning has come to fruition, and they’re setting out on a journey to win the war against turkey-slayers, mustering support via diplomatic measures. With regular batches of turkeys appearing in Varrock over the holiday season, you won’t want to miss out on this Thanksgiving extravaganza! Find out more about the Turkey Takeover and get involved here.

Guess How Many (Dead) Turkeys!

In addition to the Turkey Takeover, we’re also giving away an Thanksgiving-tastic Turkey Hat cosmetic! To be in with the chance of winning all you need to do is send your estimate of how many turkeys will be slaughtered during the attack on Gielinor this Thanksgiving via email to Good luck!

In-Game Title: ‘the Stuffed’

As voted for by players on the forum, we’ll be adding in a special community created Thanksgiving title – ‘the Stuffed’ – for everybody to display from 22nd November onwards!

Fansite Turkey Scavenger Hunt

A selection of our Jagex-supported fansites are also getting into the Thanksgiving spirit this year with a special turkey-themed scavenger hunt. Find all ten turkeys hidden across the various official RuneScape channels and fansites and you could be in with the chance of winning some great prizes. You can find out more about the hunt here.

The impact of Evolution of Combat on Slayer and Prayer has been the cause of much discussion among the community. During the beta, many players commented that Prayer was underpowered and that Slayer was now too intensive with the new ability system. To remedy this, we are increasing the buffs that Prayer offers for the EoC launch, and a couple of months ago we unveiled the Momentum ability to aid players with lengthy, low-intensity combat.

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