November 2, 2013

Runescape3 Sirenic armor for The new detail

Sirenic armor includes three parts: masks (head), chain mail (trunk) and CHAPS (leg). Each requires level 90 defense wear, gives the best slot between damage, superior defense data after death lotus armor. It in the same way to construct armor reduced: once it has been used in the battle, not deal, can’t repair, and continue to collapse completely before about 60000 hits. Armor only through his hypothesis skills, or through trade. They need to make their armor from 91 to 93 levels, as well as two kinds of materials: the scale of the sirenic and algarum thread crafts. For details, see the wiki.


Swift death and the sunshine is static area increased to 30 seconds of buff effect’s duration. Pulverise has to improve its damage. Now 200 ~ 250% of weapon damage. In addition, its harmful effect’s duration has been increased to 30 seconds, restore 50% of adrenaline, if the target is killed.

Drops from the legiones can find Sirenic scale as well as from aquanites, spirit mage and the darkness of the beast, or buying and selling. Bought Algarum thread can assumption convent from monocular Virius, per unit costs for 500000 Runescape Gold COINS. The real origin of these strange substances is shrouded in mystery, monocular to keep his mouth shut, but one thing is certain: every master marksman in Gielinor will hope this spectacular, powerful armor!

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