October 25, 2010

All auxiliary skills for Runescape

Some Runescape skills just a membership, but free members can practice many skills.Now we come to be classified.

melee:Runescape players rely mainly on melee, the other for assistance.

smithing:Mainly used to manufacture metal products.

crafting:Manufacture of clothing, clay things, jewelry, etc.,there are more things in this regard paying members.

mining:Closely related and smithing.

cooking:Used to produce food, the higher the level, you can create more types of food.

woodcutting and fire making:Comparison of complementary skills. Paying members edition woodcutting in the more important because there are many special trees, which is useless in the free membership.

——These are the skills of each player can be trained, if the following skills must be paying members——

agility: Can make the players through some local where ago can not pass through.

herblore:Make some syrup to temporarily enhance the combat effectiveness of the player.

farming:So that players can grow and pick their own vegetables, herbs and so on.

Fletching:Is to create bow. Although the free version, players can also use bows and arrows, but the version in paying members, more style bow and arrow.

summoning:Able to call out the monster in another world, each have their own special skills

slayer:Is used to kill the creeps special, and thus access to luxury goods, or props.

construction:Able to create their own home, but this skill is considered one of the most expensive game

hunter:Catch monster

thieving:In addition to stealing, but also can be used to lift the number of traps and locked the door opened.

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