October 13, 2010

Different from Empsscape and RuneScape

Here are some grounds why empscape is near then Runescape. Roll to underside to get the short form.

In empscape you can supercharge tiers much faster then you can in runescape which means that you don’t have to spend hours getting 40 onslaught and forcefulness as i got 50 attack and force in around 1 and a half hours or so on empscape and on runescape i was barely at 20 strength and attack by that time.

In empscape you make money lots faster and easier then in runescape but the downside is that affairs cost a lot more (around 100k-1mil for a wizardly bow).

In empscape there is a giant wild full of player killers! .

In runescape there are 160 + waiters on empscape there is only one server that is almost constantly full of people.

In runescape there is a lot better computer graphics then on empscape.

In empscape you can go from Falador to Varrock and kill most monsters from runescape.

In empscape you can teleport to Barbarian Village and Falador anytime any magic level and for free as long as you go under the quest tab.

In runescape you have to work to get items in empscape you can basically sit back and enjoy experiencing fun as you can mine rune gist and sell for 10k to around 40k a piece.

In short form empscape is for citizenries who want to have fun and play only 1-2 hours a day and runescape is for citizenries who want to do stupid repetitious tasks for 4-5 hours just to get one level. Although myself I rather play runescape because I get more of a sense of accomplishment from playing it and evening out.

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