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Final Fantasy XIV

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A world of fantasy comes to us from the hand of Grinding Gear Games, with this new RPG called Path of Exile. In this adventure we will have seven heroes with very different abilities, who will have an interesting progression system based on the use of gems. A whole amalgam of improvements, 1350, that we can combine to make them the best warriors.


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Do You Like Leveling A New PoE Character

In Path of Exile, GGG always bring us surprise and challenge, and we also bring players cheap poe currency. Most of the players think that when leveling a new character, the progression of act 1 to 10 will be a interesting thing.

When leveling a new character, some players think that the difficulty scaling is a lot more “linear” and it really helps they to see how their character is getting stronger, and the enemy as well. 10 acts with vary backgrounds also made it feel less tedious, they really loved the transition from act 7 to 8 where they go through that transition area (Sarn Ramparts) to Sarn Encampment.

Path of Exile

It really felt less tiring for players and they wonder if it’s mostly a psychological thing due to the constant changing scenery compared to repeating act 1-4. Overall they are really glad that they introduced this 10 act format, Kitava cursing you each time you went through him was a really nice tough to explain your resistance getting fucked.

And there are some tips when you leveling a new character in A3:

Crematorium is always spawns in the “top” of the map, so if ou try to head up-left as much as possible (sometimes with a curl down to the right first) you’ll find it p quick. Crematorium can have Piety in bottom left.

Sewer: first bust is right on path, up-right to find blockage, then down-right for second bust, third bust on the way to exit in top/top-right.

Lunaris: just head in one direction on the edge of the map, stairs spawn in the same direction repeatedly. Sewer can have bust in top left.

Tower: Other poster has it right. Area can be a bit annoying, but just don’t enter the perimeter rooms unless you see stairs and enemies indicate a lack of stairs.

Bear in mind that the stairs will always be in one of the four corners. Never enter the thinly shaped rooms on the sides connecting the corners bc they can have dead ends. If you see mobs in a corner, that corner won’t have stairs. The boss room is always straight up and right on the last floor.

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Interesting Development Stories Of The Map System

Do You Know The Stories Of PoE Map System? If you joined Path of Exile in the last half decade, you’re likely familiar with its end-game Map System. Today, we will talk about the history of Path of Exile’s map system.

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Path of Exile

There are two key philosophies that guided developer’s end-game design: Random levels are critical, anywhere can be a functional end-game.

This sounds crazy, but it’s surprisingly true for Action RPGs. Developer had a build of Path of Exile during the internal Alpha that went up to Brutus, and the Alpha community looking for coveted level 12 rares (as Brutus was level 10 then) and trying to be the first to reach level 20.

Path of Exile initially had four difficulty levels while it only had two acts during Beta. To try to avoid the repetition of playing just one highest area over and over, developers made their final difficulty level completely flat in terms of area level, so you could play anywhere you wanted in the game. It was also very challenging in terms of monster difficulty.

Unfortunately, with a completely flat final difficulty, they encountered two problems:

In order to be an end-game that you slowly improve your ability to play, it was very challenging and felt like a wall of difficulty to many players. They were concerned that they weren’t able to kill monsters in it and they died repeatedly.

Those players that could kill monsters quickly worked out the best farming areas that had a combination of weak monster AI and linear layouts. The Ledge was a great example of this.

To address these two issues, developers added a light tapering to Merciless difficulty so that players were encouraged to play in harder areas.

While this improved the boredom issue of people playing the same areas over and over, it created an entirely new problem that developers hadn’t seen before: content difficulty entitlement.

Players would finish the Merciless difficulty level and were excited to play in the Maelstrom of Chaos. Because the areas were connected together, they could easily skip the first ones by running through them to get to the harder content. This was fine when the players were able to handle the harder content, but it failed in reality.

In the 0.9.11 patch, developers replaced the Maelstrom of Chaos with the Map System. It greatly improved all of the above problems and was welcomed by players.

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The Second Patch Of Content For Its MMORPG In OBT MU Legend


Players truly love the MU Legend, and our whole team has put so much effort into making the world of MU Legend the best it can be. MU Legend, it features fluid and stunning hack ‘n’ slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play. The dungeon-test called Endless Tower will receive an update in the form of an increase in the number of floors. Webzen revealed news and guides for MU Legend, reference to here.

MU Legend

Webzen announces the second patch of additional content for its MMORPG in Open Beta MU Legend that arrived at the servers on January 9th. 2 months after the official launch of the Open Beta, Webzen will launch its awaited Faction War system. The new challenge, a “premiere” in the ARPG game genre, invites avid players to conquer territories in epic PVP games driven by the guilds. Guilds can challenge others for the superiority of the server and demonstrate who will govern in them.

The update of the wars function between guilds constitutes the last important advance in the development of the definitive version of the open beta of MU Legend. From then on, all content that will be added to the game will be part of its official release. For this game’s overview, the overview covers everything from mechanics and visuals to the different modes of play on offer, and outlines features that are sure to please new players and fans alike.

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Path Of Exile Is A Popular Free Action RPG Set In Dark Fantasy World

Path of Exile is a popular free action RPG set in a dark fantasy world. Combining a level of depth never before seen with a gloomy atmosphere the game has attracted millions of players seeking a loot filled adventure. The game was developed by a small team of developers that call New Zealand home and is definitely a labour of love that every Diablo fan will thoroughly enjoy.


The game features 7 unique classes which all share a single passive skill tree that has hundreds of options for players to mix and match, allowing the creation of many unique playstyles within a single class. Path of Exile has three attributes, around which Path of Exile have placed the character classes. Each character class has a different starting location on the passive skill tree, starting attributes and statistics and quest rewards.

Players can use any items or skills, providing they meet the relevant attribute and level requirements. This gives players the freedom to highly customize their characters and design creative builds with unusual play styles. For new players, however, it is generally easiest to invest in the attributes appropriate to their character class.

Another big difference comparing from other MMOs comes from potions. You won’t be collecting potions like someone from Hoarders for when you inevitably need them; instead the game uses flasks. A flask is a rechargeable potion. When used, the flask consumes a certain amount of flask charges and recovers a portion of life, mana or grants temporary bonuses for the duration of the flask effect.

Every character has space for five flasks. When the player enters a town or a hideout, all of their flasks are automatically fully recharged. If a player equips a flask within a hostile area, the flask has zero active charges by default. Flasks can only be normal, magic or unique. The different flasks can be divided into two major categories, Recovery and Utility flasks. Recovery flasks recovers life or mana or a combination of both. Utility flasks grants a temporary bonus depending on the flask.

These are multi-use health or mana potions that are automatically refilled as you battle monsters. The health and mana flasks ensured that you are not really in any danger of actually dying, each one can be used multiple times before emptying and mapped to the first five number keys.

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