December 18, 2023

The Finals: The Best Light Gadgets

In the Finals, there are all sorts of gadgets and gizmos to choose from when heading into the arena to unlock the rank. From grenades that deal damage to bombs that make you disappear into thin air, there is a range of devices available for whatever playstyle you prefer. However, since you only get three slots for gadgets, it can be difficult to decide which ones to choose. Don’t worry; this article will show you the best Light Gadgets and their pros and cons.

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Goo Grenade

The The Finals Goo Grenade


ProsGreat use for cover against enemies.
ConsYou can’t tell which way the wall will form.
The wall also breaks easily on impact.
UsefulnessCreates a goo wall for blocking rooms or temporary platforms.
Helpful for separating from enemies when the last person on the team.


The Finals Flashbang
ProsGood way to blind your enemies for an attack.
ConsRisk of blinding teammates if not communicated.
UsefulnessIdeal for starting fights and pushing with an advantage.

Smoke Grenade

The Finals Smoke Grenade
ProsCreate cover to push onto an objective or escape from combat.
ConsYou might end up running further into combat.
UsefulnessUseful for stealthy plays, disguising entrances, and hiding during fights.

Vanishing Bomb

The Finals Vanishing Bomb
ProsQuick and easy to use when you’re in a panic. It can make teammates invisible, too.
ConsDoing any action will stop the invisibility. It also has a short time period.
UsefulnessObscures players from sight, especially useful for quick getaways.

Stun Gun

The Finals Stun Gun
ProsSlow down enemies to attack or get away.
ConsIt isn’t great if you’re against several enemies or at a distance.
UsefulnessHinders enemy movements, useful for disrupting revives or objective plays.

Glitch Grenade

The Finals Glitch Grenade
ProsDisrupts enemy actions, gadgets, and HUDs.
ConsThe timer is short. You may not use it if enemies don’t use gadgets like turrets or a healing beam.
UsefulnessDisables gadgets, specializations, and distorts enemy screens for tactical advantage.

Pyro Grenade

ProsSet enemies on fire. Protect and defend objective points. You can also block entry points.
ConsTeammates may not appreciate being set on fire.
UsefulnessDeals damage, blocks entry points, and provides defensive capabilities.

Breach Charges

The Finals Breach Charges
ProsIt can destroy almost any surface that’s in the way. It can be used to defend objectives or create an opening to attack enemies.
ConsYou can potentially bring down an entire building and destroy your own defenses.
UsefulnessPowerful gadget for breaking into rooms, surprising enemies, and creating unexpected attacks.

To win in the Finals, you need a mix of strategies, like controlling areas, finishing tasks, and defeating opponents. But at the same time, using these gadgets can make the gameplay even more exciting.