May 2, 2020

How to treat players to buy game currency


With the development of the Internet, the online game industry is now booming. At the same time as this rapid development, a series of problems have arisen, and most players are discussing whether to buy game currency in online games.

By observing the game market in recent years, the income of the online game market can be said to be increasing. The main reason is that people who play games tend to be young children and people who do not have too much pressure on life.

Let’s take a look at whether you should buy game currency.

How to treat players to buy game currency
How to treat players to buy game currency

1. Need to buy game currency
Many people think that there is no experience in playing games without buying game currency. If you buy game currency, the characters in the game will also become stronger, which can improve the experience in the game. You are also happy, why not do it? Yes, carefully observe the current online games, which online games do not have a game currency? League of Legends, PUBG… The emergence of the game is not only for the entertainment of players but also for developers and operators to make money, there is no free lunch under the world, want to get higher game experience, players We have to spend money to buy currency, items, etc. in the game.

Of course, this is also the game operators have grasped the psychology of players, most players have a strong heart, want to become stronger, get higher and better equipment. As a result, players can’t help but want to buy game currency to enhance the experience in the game. Therefore, the game currency in online games is to get better gaming experience. For example, the very popular game – Escape from Tarkov, if the player has spent all EFT Currency, without the ability to purchase items and weapons, then the next game experience will become very poor.


2. No need to buy game currency
Many people think that there is no need to buy game currency during gameplay, because online games are just entertainment, and playing online games is just for fun and to make you happy. The equipment in the game is just a bunch of data. It is not worth it to increase the pressure of your life for the sake of the game. Moreover, there are many uncertain factors in the game, maybe this game suddenly stopped or closed down, and in the end, the players are all “bamboo baskets are empty.” Moreover, there are many activities in the current game. If you work hard to do activities and complete tasks, you can also get rich rewards.

As the saying goes, “How can you see a rainbow without wind and rain?” Only players who experience it step by step can be more motivated and happier.
In fact, whether to buy or not to purchase game currency is a personal choice of players. Buying game currency can get better game experience, and can also experience the joy of the game without buying game currency.

In the final analysis, online games are entertainment and leisure. Just be happy and do what you can. Don’t stop your real life because of games. Think twice.

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