August 5, 2019

FIFA 20 Communicating With Your AI Players


This is something that U4GM FIFA 20 Coins Sellers never really used much on the previous versions of the game, and it has impacted on the effectiveness of our play. There are a couple of reasons behind this. Firstly, we should explain that to do this you now have TWO options: when you have the ball if you press L1/LB, you will see the most appropriate player of yours begin to make a forward run, looking to receive a pass. Press R1/RB (our buttons), R2/RT if you haven’t changed (basically, your sprint button) and this will call the most appropriate player to come short looking to give you a better short option to retain possession. You’ll see the player hold his hands up and start moving closer which will indicate the man that the AI has chosen is most appropriate to come to give you the option.
FIFA 20 Communicating With Your AI Players

TIP: When using the L1/LB you have only to tap the button, if you hold it too long, on FIFA 20, the ball can quickly become a separate entity to your player so when sending teammates on runs, TAP L1/LB very quickly, they will still make their terms Most players won’t see ‘the bigger picture’ What U4GM mean by this is that most players will only look at the player with the ball and possibly a couple of players who are close by. Many players won’t use the radar on-screen, and if you can do this effectively, when you send a player on the run you will see, on the radar, where they are making their run and if they are making it into a functional space. Combine this with a through ball (driven or regular) or a lobbed pass, and you can cause your opposition lots of trouble. When U4GM end up defending against players who use these runners it is tough to protect against because of the movement and the dilemma of closing the ball down or switching to control the player near the man who is making the run.

TIP – Use our new camera settings to help see more of the pitch.

Use as dummy runners
Using this method is extremely useful, especially against more accomplished defenders. They will see the movement on the radar and will begin to start tracking that runner, who can leave lots of space for you to exploit. What we mean by dummy runners is, tap L1/LB (so your player with the ball won’t lose all momentum) as you’re running with the ball to send a player off of the ball on the run. Then if you see the opposition tracking this runner play shorter or use the opportunity to work the ball forward more progressively. Using the call, the man quick option also works brilliantly for creating extra room.

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