April 26, 2017

New ESO Update v2.7.12 With The Patch Notes


Recently, The Elder Scrolls Online posted a new patch v2.7.12 that have a size of 284MB for PC/Mac in game. The patch is a small incremental patch that fixes an issue with Master Writs, a delve boss found in Craglorn, and also removes some premature text from the Bank Space upgrade item. Here are some fixes, improvements and base game patch.


Crafting & Economy

Master Writs
Fixed an issue where, in some cases, Master Writ quests would advance even if the crafted item did not match the required Item Set.

Quests & Zones

Fixed an issue that was allowing the delve boss Ilthag Ironblood to instantly respawn.


Crown Store
Fixed an issue where the description for the Bank Space upgrade from the Crown Store stated that ESO Plus members would receive double bank space. This is a feature that is being added to our next major update, and is not yet live yet.

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