December 3, 2016

How To Do: You Can Not Get Banned From NBA 2K17


Due to the NBA 2K17 series has grown in popularity, at the same time, for its the value of in-game currency has gradually grown too. To that end, where there’s value? it’s no undeniably to say that there are dollars, additionally, where there are dollars there will always be shadiness. According to 2K, it has been attempting to banning accounts so that crack down on those who aim to cheat their system, in other word, in their game, and find exploits.


IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR NBA 2K – Team GFG seen at the NBA 2K16 Road to the Finals championship event on Wednesday, June 1, 2016, in Los Angeles. Two teams of gamers go head to head during a competition that merges simulation basketball with eSports for a shot at $250,000 and a trip to the 2015-2016 NBA Finals.

Virtual Currency aka VC is a big deal, as are My Team Points. The former can be used to upgrade your MyPlayer which increases your chance for success in the MyCareer, MyGM, MyTeam, MyPark and Pro-Am modes. With the strong push toward the eSports scene in Pro-Am and MyPark, maintaining a level playing field has become even more important.

How to Get Banned? So what gets a player banned in NBA 2K17? According to 2K Support, there are five violations:

Virtual Currency (VC/MTP) promotion
Example: Promoting the sale of VC or MTP. Basically, it’s the flipside of the first violation.

Account buying
Example: Someone has an account with 200,000 and offers to sell it you for XX amount of cash and you make the purchase.

Using Bots or Hacking
Example: This will primarily relate to PC users, but creating any bot of hacking initiative that delivers VC, MTP or any other in-game exploit.

Purchase of Virtual Currency (VC/MTP) From Unauthorized Third Parties
Example: You see a tweet or message from someone selling VC or MyTeam points, and you pay them real money in exchange for the in-game currency.

Virtual Currency (VC/MTP) selling and farming.
Examples of Selling VC: You offer to sell someone VC or MTP. Example of Farming: You realize you get 500 VC every time you create a My Player, so you keep creating them and deleting them to collect an unlimited amount of VC.

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