EA’s 3.3 Billion Goals on FIFA 15

3.3 Billion Goals, EA Sport

Since FIFA 15 was launched, 3.3 billion goals have been scored already, claimed by Electronic Arts. As we know most matches are played on Saturday, so it’s really a busy time that day. Because most players have a free time and some new interesting game would come out.

More than 113 million single player hours were logged into Dragon Age: Inquisition, which recently received a new major patch and which offers fans the option of downloading the tavern songs for free.

More than 10 million families were created in The Sims 4 and Electronic Arts also says that the Vault that’s part of the EA Access service on the Xbox One has been very successful, with more than 41 million sessions initiated by users.

More stats are associated with SimCity, Madden NFL 14, NBA 2K15 and more.
Electronic Arts needs to make Battlefield: Hardline a success

3.3 Billion Goals, EA Sport

Last year was a solid one for the publisher but this year might be a challenge early on as the company needs to make sure that Battlefield: Hardline is a success when it arrives in March.

The first-person shooter was delayed after a first beta showed problems with the core mechanics and it will be interesting to see whether the community embraces the experience or not.

A new beta is supposed to be offered soon, with sources offered that it might be opened as soon as February 3.

3.3 Billion Goals, EA Sport

Later in the year Electronic Arts will deliver its usual slew of sports simulation titles, with Madden and FIFA leading the line.

A game named new Star Wars will be a highlight for the publisher in 2015. It’s a new game created by DICE, which can be one of the most popular new ¬†games.