December 30, 2014

FIFA 15 New Year’s Open FUT Tournament




FIFA 15 has made a big marketing push in time for Christmas, with special events created for all lovers of the football simulation and Ultimate Team packs offered to those who like the mode, and the team at EA Sports also wants to make New Year’s Day a good time to enjoy the title both offline and online.

The latest graphic on EA Sports FIFA Twitter account is promoting celebrating over the holidays with FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, and taking part in the New Year’s Open FUT tournament.


Given the hashtag FUTmas, the graphic above came with the message “Correct details on the New Year’s Open #FUT tournament”. If you take a closer look, you will see there’s no special requirements to take part and the event is broken down into online/offline rewards.


Online delivers one untradable rare gold pack and future wins of 5000 coins. If you play offline during the New Year’s Open FUT tournament, then the FIFA 15 graphic details one untradable PREM Gold Jumbo Pack and 3500 coins for future wins.


It’s worth noting players must have Professional difficulty selected at least in offline mode. Will you be taking part in the FIFA 15 New Year’s Open FUT tournament?



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