April 20, 2014

Runescape Basic Controls For RS New Players


I just want to tell something about runescape for rs player work well while playing.This instructable will cover:

  1. Basic controls
  2. how to make money
  3. How to gain experience fast
  4. Tactics for fighting and good places to go
  5. FAQ step

Runescape screen

First, some basic controls for noobs

The basic controls are:

Click on the screen or the map to say where you want to go. Clicking on items in your inventory makes you eat them, wield them, wear them, or use them, maybe with something else, depending on what the item is. eg.
Use cooked meat to eat it.
Click on armour or weapons to wield or wear them.
click on dough and click on an oven to bake breadf
click a bar of metal on an anvil to smith it.

Camera controls:
up moves camera in an arc up over your character
down moves the camera down in an arc around your character
left/right move the camera sideways around your character.

Typing in: usually public chat. click on a friend in your list’s name to send a private message, or if you are in clan chat, start each sentence with a / to send it to everyone in the clan.

And next to you is money making!

Fighting is not the only important thing in runescape. You have to buy your armour, weapons, clothes, robes etc. but with what? The economy would crash in minutes without it. I know! Money! Also known as gp, which stands for Runescape Gold points, K when referring to ammounts in the thousands, mil when refering to millions, and bil in billions. but this is rare, as the highest ammount of money you can hold is around 2 billion.
Anyway, selling stuff is good, getting money from enemies works, whenever someone wants to trade with you, do it cos they might have something good, and some quests get you money. Some players even ask you to guide them to places for money. whenever someone does this, oblige.if anyone owes you money, add them as a friend to get your worth. Whenever you go to the wild, put stuff in the bank in case you lose it. Another way to make quick easy money if you are under lvl 30, id to go to the Lumbredge cow feild. There you can kill lvl 2 cows and collect their cow hides. Then take the cow hide to the Grand Exchange and sell them there for 100gp. Another way is to go to the wilderness (dont worry you cant get attacked by other people). Go north and around the yellow lava. You know you’re there when you see lvl 28 hill giants. Kill a bunch of them and you can get some goodies (Big bone (sells for 346gp) lumpurt roots, daggars and som other stuff).


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