October 19, 2013

RS enter OSRS God Wars Dungeon?

There are some requirements to enter the old school runescape God Wars Dungeon: 1 rope (unsure if you must bring it each trip or not) and 60 agility/strength to get passed boulder. In addition, different requirements should be met to enter the respective Lairs: to enter Bandos Lair, one Hammer is needed; to enter Armadyl Lair, you need one mithril grapple, an Armadyl pendant (from Temple of Ikov quest), and a Zamorack item to kill count(eg. Zamorack Baracers); to enter Saradomin Lair, 70 agility and a rope (on the top of the one needed to enter the GWD) are inevitable for you; to enter Zamrack Lair, you will be Drained and own 70hp.


1. Brews and restores are better for longer trips different from regular food such as sharks.

2. Remember, there is no loot sharing system so the person who dealt the MOST damage will be eligible for the loot.

3. All lairs but Zamorack have other monsters for others God in them, so bringing multiple God items would be recommended. (EX: Armadyl: bring Armadyl pendant and Zamorack Bracers to protect yourself from both Armadyl and Zamorack followers.

4. Having completed Eadgar’s Ruse is a good idea for the use of trollheim teleport, however, you can buy teleport scrolls from the new mini game “Nightmare Zone” to redirect your house teleports to trollheim completion of the quest.

If you have met the above requirements and kept those notes in mind, you can enter those Lairs to appreciate great fun that bossing will bring to you. Just don’t forget when lacking Runescape Gold, Igxe is the best site to buy runescape 07 gold.

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