December 17, 2012

Our Winter Weekends continue

We heard about of a really nice Christmassy idea from community member Will Miss It today. He wants to make a Community Christmas video featuring as many members of the RuneScape Community as possible.

It’s a lovely concept and something we’re really keen to help make happen. So, send us your super short video wishing your fellow Gielinorians a Merry Christmas  by December 20th and we’ll get them all over to Will Miss It so that he can make his great idea a reality. Your mini vids can be made with your phone camera, your webcam or anything else that able to capture that Christmas spirit. There’s already a queue of J-mods waiting to take part, so it would be great to get as many of you involved as possible!

Looking for an added personal touch to your newly acquired ship? Look no further than our Rename Your Ship competition in which we’ll be taking new ship names from the community and adding them into the game in the near future!

Our Winter Weekends continue, with double Dungeoneering XP and tokens being awarded for all completed floors. To top it off, we’re offering prizes to the top XP gainers who signup on our competition thread here.

You can find full details of how to get your message to Will Miss It, via us, over on a thread we’ve created, which you’ll find here.

It is the time of the year when days become shorter and nights seem to have made a deal with the sun. This is the time of bundle-up fashion, hot chocolate and Christmas surprises – not to mention all-out snowball fights! Simply put, it’s a time to be jolly.

For the next Players’ Gallery, we’d like you talented artists to bring some colour, warmth and good festive cheer to the winter season to make these chilly days more enjoyable. It could be your character preparing for a perilous adventure to the Land of Snow, an NPC snowball fight, or a RuneScape Christmas feast, so grab your pencils, pens and brushes and let the celebration of winter begin!

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