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How To Support Properly in Path of Exile?

I’ve seen some support builds lately and became somewhat interested to test them cause they seems fun if u have friends to play with. So I was wondering since I couldn’t find a guide on how exactly u play as support like do u simply try to keep up with your partner or is there more depth to it ? like timing of your skill-usage and so on?

poe guides

I lead the group on my bot unless there’s someone with greater initiative than me. Try to keep main clearer in aura range. They’ll forget very quickly how squishy they are without you and be overconfident, so protect your new minions with your op blankets.

If you group with random people you want to have the fastest version of suitable aurabot. They’ll prob run allocation if you’re a random, which always suited me better. When running with friends I also do allocation and split big drops only. Exalt and up. I run managuard, so I provide charges and vaal haste/blind enemies. Only thing that’s hard to time is when to nope out of a room that’s getting nasty as doing so kills your carry usually. But if you communicate in voice chat you can let them know as you leave them to die. Makes me feel a bit better.

Unique Products and Boss Loot
I pointed out different item rarities, including the truth that gear comes in Normal, Magic, or Rare forms. However, there’s yet another rarity tier above ??Rare’. Unique products are thrown into the game. While Magic and Rare are merely modifiers of the normal item, Unique are separate products entirely. They can’t be modified, and they’ve set stats. While their actual value fluctuates, they’ll always have a similar ability. For instance, an Astramentis might have between a 90 and 116 boosts to each of the stats, but it’ll invariably have this effect¨Cthe only variable is the plethora of the boost.

These natural qualities have Unique products incredibly effective, and, obviously, incredibly costly. How can you get hold of Unique products? This is when Path of Exile gives players an excellent chance. Most loot-based games feature specific bosses that drop specific products. Path of Exile does do this with a few of the finish game bosses, but typically, products can easily be located any place in the world¨Cthe less available the product, the not as likely you’re to at random encounter it. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can poe orbs buy from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.

How To Best Plan My Skill Tree in Path of Exile

I plan on using Frost Blades for clearing since it’s projectile-based too so it benefits from Point Blank , Fury Bolts and other things. I couldn’t find a guide online so I decided to build my own skill-tree after lurking on poe-ninja for several hours. I plan on going Slayer/Raider but I’m open to suggestions. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

skill tree poe

Molten Strike
Frost Blades works a little differently from Molten Strike. Molten Strike can completely ignore the melee hit since you hit with the projectiles anyway, but Frost Blades typically won’t hit the primary target with its projectiles, unless you have both Ancestral Call and Chain, but it still won’t be consistent. However, you seem to be going for a pure elemental build with abyss jewels and an ele claw, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Vitality Void
I highly recommend Vaal Pact, and Vitality Void too. You can think of Vitality Void as a 15% more life recovery rate modifier for three points, as well as buffing your life leech from 1.6% to 2.6%. Most of the time people tend to disregard additional leech beyond the ~1% that lets you cap it with most builds, but with Slayer, the additional duration of the leech instances can really mean something, so that part of Vitality Void is strong too. And Vaal Pact pretty much goes without saying. It doubles your leech and you’re already pathing right by it.

Abyss Jewels are Nice!
And lastly, I’m not really sure about that 3-point jewel socket by the Scion wheel. It is just 20 strength you’re getting, which doesn’t help your build in any way other than 10 flat life and stat requirement. Especially since you can get 18% increased attack speed from the same 3 points in the Berserking cluster right next to it, or 27% attack speed one additional point to Claws of the Magpie on the claw wheel. Yes, Abyss jewels are nice, but they get less nice the more of them you have, and 6.8% attack speed per node is quite a lot of attack speed. You’ll want to check Path of Building to see if you can get jewels that will make it worth it.

So my final tree would probably look something like this. You can make up for the slight loss of life by using a Might of the Meek jewel by the Life wheel, notice that it gets the crit multi nodes too. Obviously this tree is tailored more to my playstyle, so take from it what you will, but hopefully this either gives you some ideas or makes you more confident about your own choices and your reasoning behind them.

Remember These 14 Tips In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile, for new players, some good tips will save them a lot of unnecessary time, I hope the following tips will also have such effect. Not much to say, let’s dive into these Path of Exile tips.

Path of Exile

1) Don’t obsess over the speed others are clearing content, some prefer racing but there is no tangible reward except for bragging rights, just enjoy the ride.

2) Activate the default loot filter (or use a downloaded one like Neversink) in the options UI tab.

3) Plan out your skill tree early on, at least 60 points in advance so you don’t regret it later on.

4) Collect all currency items like chaos orbs, fusing orbs, transmutation orbs, including scrolls of wisdom and portal scrolls

5) Try not to use most of the currency items (except the most common ones like transmutation, alteration, alchemy orbs and low tier essences) since you can use these items to purchase much better items from players. And there are some poe items for trade on U4GM.

6) The most valuable currency items are: Mirror of Kalandra, Exalted orbs, Divine orbs, Gemcutter’s prisms, Chaos orbs, Vaal orbs and Fusing orbs (descending order from most valuable)

7) Ctrl+Alt+Click links the item in chat.

8) Instances reset between 8 – 15 minutes, don’t go afk for too long while your portal is up or it will close once the instance resets (It wont reset if you are inside it but then you are vulnerable to monsters that wander around).

9) Ctrl+click on the next area will reset your instance if for any reason you want to regrind that area (can be used on waypoints as well).

10) Resistances are important! They get reduced after act 5 and after act 10, be sure to cap them if you can (75%), chaos resist is not that important, it is more of a luxury stat.

11) Take caution when lvling gems as all of them have a stat requirement! Sometimes you will acquire items that have dext, str or int on them, this will enable you to level most of your gems, but once you get rid of these items the gems will be useless.

12) Hardcore characters are not deleted but sent to standard so you can continue playing them.

13) If you want to craft a multi-link white item into a better rarity, FIRST apply blacksmiths whetstones/armorers scraps on the white item, THEN use a transmutation orb or an alchemy orb.

14) Hold alt while hovering over the item to check its item level (important for crafting later on or checking if you can make the chaos recipe with them).

PoE: Patch 3.2.1c And New Microtransactions

Recently, GGG announced the 3.2.1c patch and they also released four new microtransactions, including the Arcane Portal and the Ghostflame Shield. The following are the contents in 3.2.1c Patch:

Path of Exile

  • Fixed a bug where hovering over items with a Crafting Bench window open while you had Always Show Sockets enabled would display a Skill Gem hover rather than the Item hover.
  • Fixed a bug where poe buy items could get stuck in Socketing Mode and display the Skill Gem hover when they should be displaying the Item hover.
  • Fixed several button prompts on the Crafting Bench screen.
  • Fixed a bug where the quest display on the World Panel could scroll off-screen.
  • Fixed a bug where unequipping Farrul’s Fur did not update the reservation cost of a crafted Aspect of the Cat mod.
  • Fixed a bug where supporting an item granting Aspect of the Cat with Faster Casting Support caused Cat’s Agility to grant the cast speed bonus to the player.
  • Fixed a bug where Apprentice and Journeyman Cartographer Sextants could be applied to an Elder Map.
  • Fixed an issue causing Sunblast to have a level requirement of 16, rather than 37.
  • Fixed a rare client crash that could occur when changing areas.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when capturing beasts.
  • Fixed an instance crash that could occur when casting Convocation.
  • Improved the visibility of life and mana values on the HUD.
  • Increased the maximum number of sent Trade Board offers from 5 to 10.
  • Fixed a bug where the Captured Beasts page in the Bestiary did not display the correct beasts if the search box was cleared after highlighting all text.
  • Legendary Beasts can no longer be spectred. This is being prevented as these beasts spawn waves of minions at specific health thresholds. When spectre’d, the minions spawned were able to be killed by the player, allowing the player to farm experience indefinitely.
  • Legendary Beasts can no longer spawn with the Fractured Nemesis mod.

Finally, good luck to you, we will update the news about Path of Exile in real time, if you don’t want to be left behind in the game just because of lack of orbs, keeping an eye on poe currency buy.

Path Of Exile May Be A Massive Thinly Veiled Grindfest


Featuring its Xbox One introduction, Path of Exile can consist of all six until now produced expansions, and, like the PC version, the action will probably be no cost to experience. The Bestiary Challenge League could task competitors using taking the many beasts with the world, through canines along with bears by way of unpleasant bigguns. Excellent free-to-play action-RPG Path of Exile right now brings your Bestiary Challenge League, which could challenge gamers that will course, combat, and also capture 300-odd monsters. Usually I’m sure additional media within the Path of Exile out of U4GM, reference from here.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile offers way up action-RPG (ARPG ) gameplay along with a black illusion feeling similar regarding Diablo. Path of Exile is just not a great MMORPG, it’s a web based action RPG. If your game features too little competitors, the idea starts to look being a ghost in a niche community. The MMO practical knowledge utilizes the gamer appearing able to come across alternative people as they take a look at the planet (both for you to mission with, as well as for PVP shenanigans ). Using Path of Exile, we now have qualified a unique topic group of avid gamers exactly who take pleasure in online action RPGs together with dim pipe dream art work variations.

Path of Exile may be a massive thinly veiled grindfest, if you’d prefer doing the identical matter over as well as consistantly you will enjoy that sport. A lot of mincing, as well gear established, very archaic sport design and style. Not just a accurate Action RPG in addition having when the devs opted business data through realtime behavior depending on participant proficiency. POST have fun with Path of Exile for some time in addition to Im fairly positive if your methods of acquiring path of exile orbs, we would always be your current the very best preference.

Diablo 3 possesses completely eradicated this operate and the potential to get merchandise, and within Path of Exile this orbs trade is probably the pillars in the adventure. It’s possible Path of Exile is really a bit similar to Diablo 3, but it’s additional regarding the current tendencies plus the truth that together games will be MMO genre RPG as well as Hack N Slash. The particular variations are lots of, the actual Path of Exile is definitely fewer dark in addition to seems more enjoyable, while Diablo 3 has far better structure.

PoE: Are You Extra Excited About SSF In Bestiary League?

I have played Path of Exile for a while now, and I feel like the capturing and sacrificing of beasts as a way to special craft is just going to make SSF even more fun/interesting. What about you? Let’s take a look the thoughts of other players:

Path of Exile

1. I am always surprised about people choosing SSF because they dislike the trade system. I mean how much trading did you actually do? In every league so far I have less than 2 tabs of sales, I don’t have 20 active live searches, I always get needed items in 1-2 whispers where in fact I have days where I don’t even buy things.

2. Finding things is a lot more fun. The sense of accomplishment is greater if you do find/craft what you need/want rather than just buy it for 10c. The game feels more rewarding overall. Even if your journey does not lead you as far or as fast as it would in regular league, the road itself is the goal.

3. It feels like a very different game because you are aiming consistently for multiple currencies to chance/alt-aug-regal/chaos spam and also uniques, div cards and etc can be more exciting.

In trade everything can feel like the conversion to chaos value so it doesn’t feel as exciting to find unique such as RotF or ngamahu because you think of it as its value in c instead of a build enabling item. The consequence is slower progress and map progression can feel agonizing because no drop and sometimes you just won’t have all the items you need to make a char work.

4. What are good starter SSF builds generally? I started SSF a couple weeks ago after years of HC and then SC challenge leagues. I am doing a solar guards spectre which and seems to be decent. Farmed Pen/Cage for chains that bind and was lucky enough to get an ES base for colors. Was using a flame golem / SG setup on the 6l with a clay shaper (2 FG/2 SG) until I got a Queens Decree for my 3rd Spectre, no bones or vis mortis yet. What’s your opinion?

The Microtransactions Are Unusually Fair As Well In POE


Path of Exile, the game is completely free, and will never be pay to win. The fact that characters are customizable and that it counts for the passive skill tree makes the game more interesting. If you do not know this RPG, as the publisher himself says, the basics of the game are: strong player-to-player economics, advanced class customization, competitive PvP and leaderboard racing. More details and information, visit the official website here.

Path of Exile

It is the appearance of the character that gives all the dynamism of PoE. The fact that the characters are customizable and that it counts for the passive skill tree makes the game more interesting. As a rule, the standard league is the perfect place for new players to train. The league Hardcore allows for player differently. One of the best concepts in Path of Exile is its passive tree and skill gems. Each time you level up, you unlock points which you can use to unlock nodes in the passive skill tree.

In Path of Exile, the skill-tree and the gameplay rules aren’t stable enough yet – every patch could break your build or seriously alter the layout of the skill tree, and thereby greatly changing which points on the tree you can reach with a certain amount of skill points spent. Path of Exile is a huge game to try and comprehend. And that’s main reason why Path of Exile is popular with gamers around the world. Like a good MMO, I’m excited about the journey instead of the destination.

Path of Exile is one of the best Diablo-style action-RPGs around. It won’t break the bank either, as it’s free to play on Xbox One and Steam. The microtransactions are unusually fair as well, so you don’t have to buy anything to succeed. Path of Exile serves up Diablo-esque gameplay, offering a mix of a dark fantasy atmosphere, deep character customization, crafted items and more. Gamers are succeed in buying path of exile items.

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What Is The Effective Way To Kill PoE Uber Elder

From a novice to an old player, I have played Path of Exile for long time, and I know the importance of a good guide to players. So, today I want to share some tips for most collectors of path of exile items about how to kill the Uber Elder, in a non-specific order:

Path of Exile

  1. You need to clear all T16 maps twice! Once to lure Elder onto shaper map and another time to kill Elder guardians. So be ready to spend 30c/map if you don’t have 2 maps of each T16 (that’s 240c of T16 maps roughly).
  2. Once Shaper guardian maps are possessed by Elder guardians, they do drop the same Fragments as regular guardians! So essentially, the shaper set enables to open Shaper realm or uber Elder fight.
  3. The fight is fun but at the end it’s more like a dps check. If the fight last too long you will die to the elder degen on the ground which slow you down like crazy even when you try to use movement skills.
  4. If you fail, you can re-try using another shaper set (~70c), my 3rd try was the successful one.
  5. The arena edge collision is really bad. Visually there is room to walk/use movement skills when close to the edge but in fact no. So you would get stuck and get rekt by Elder/shaper projectiles.
  6. The fight is all about moving, you can’t stay in place unless you can negate the huge dps from the bosses. My build is miner so all I did is: lay mine then walk/shield charge. Rinse & repeat until enemies are dead.
  7. If you die (which will happen for 99% of us), wait for the elder ring explosion to go-off (if it started) before resurrecting. It will save you a lot of trouble when you come back.
  8. The RNG to get there is infuriating (need Elder on a T15).
  9. The quest looks bug when Zana asked you to kill all 4 guardians. After you do that, the quest line doesn’t change. However if you enter shaper realm, the quest will go-on (once shaper is dead you get his key).
  10. The Uber elder fight is very interesting, difficult but fun/refreshing.
  11. The cost entrance is outrageous at the moment (minimum 300c worth of maps/frag).
  12. The loot can be very underwhelming (I got the ring and nothing else worthy – 20-30c?)

There’s a lot more players guide on U4GM, so be sure to check out if you need some guides. Keeping an eye on poe buy orbs, you will get more gains.

Which Build Can Kill Shaper In Path Of Exile

In Path of Exile league, if you really want to take shaper down, but you don’t know which budget build could do that and doesn’t make you hate the playstyle. If sunder is also not your favourite option as melee skill. What should you do?

In fact, it is depends on your definition of “budget”.

Path Of Exile

Molten Strike Inquis with Ele Claw/Foil using Frost Blades to clear. Once you have decent gear and are level 90+ you start to really feel the dps. Requires a few ex to do all content, but is really satisfying to play and cheap to start (5 – link MS comfortably kills Red map bosses). Also good for Uber Atziri if you have a bit better gear.

Scorching Ray Trickster works well for everything. Tanky, good damage, decent clearspeed. Gear requirement is pretty low since SR has good base damage.

Spectre Summoner is really cheap and just dumpsters all bosses.

Low Life RF is really tanky. After a certain point you can basically afk kill Shaper. Requires quite a bit of currency to comfortably do Endgame content tho.

LA/Barrage build using the Tempest can be really good aswell. Abyss jewels are a bit more expensive this league, so you might have to invest a bit more currency to do Shaper, but the build clears fast and farming currency with it is really easy.

Ancestral Warchief was cheap as hell but can also scale with money. Makes it fun to make it a sole character as it is constantly getting stronger.

Starts off working great with just Meginords and Facebreaker, Great Old One’s Ward shield, cheap cheap. Get steel rings, flat phys ammy, abyssus if you want, Vulnerability\Temp chains on hit corruption on gloves, Tukohama’s etc.

If you are new to the game, follow some build guide from U4GM. Another option is to just mess around yourself and see how things work but sometimes it can get frustrating if you cannot kill monsters/progress further, so be careful with it.