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Panthers Has A Duel With Buccaneers In Madden

Fans and media members are always excited about the arrival of each week in the NFL, and wants to know who’s going to win? Then, share their opinions and make their game picks.

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This year, is showing you what Madden 18 has to say. This week, the Panthers welcome the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to Bank of America Stadium for the home finale. Carolina led the whole way but didn’t put Tampa away until a strong fourth quarter sealed a 24-7 victory.

The running game ruled the day for the Panthers, with running backs Jonathan Stewart and Christian McCaffrey combining for 155 yards on the ground. Quarterback Cam Newtonadded 34 rushing yards, including a 1-yard touchdown run in the second quarter that gave the Panthers a 10-0 lead.

The Buccaneers closed within 10-7 just before halftime on a 1-yard touchdown run by Peyton Barber, and that’s where the score stood until the fourth quarter. McCaffrey extended the edge with a 2-yard score, then a James Bradberry interception of Jameis Winston – held to 195 yards on 42 pass attempts – set up the offense again.

Newton and tight end Greg Olsen connecting for a 25-yard score, that’s no doubt. And Olsen and Devin Funchess combined for 99 receiving yards on eight catches. If you want to know more about this game, you can find U4GM news, where will provide more details and news.

How To Defend In Madden 18

In this Madden 18 defensive guide, we’ll teach you how to defend no matter what situation you’re in on the defensive side of the ball. Use these Madden 18 best defensive plays listed below in order to put the pressure on your opponent.

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As with the offensive side of the ball when you’re playing as the QB, you also have to select and manually control a player on the defensive side of things. It’s up to you who you take control of, but whether it’s someone on the defensive line or in the backfield, you’ll have to pay attention and follow your assignments.

If you choose to play on the defensive line, then you’ll have to press the trigger as soon as possible after the QB snaps the ball, to get off the line of scrimmage and gain an advantage on your opposing offensive lineman. This can be tricky, as you’ll incur a penalty if you press right trigger and move forward to soon, and you won’t gain any bonuses if you do the same thing too late. It has to be perfectly timed with the snap of the ball, and once you’ve done this, you should attempt to get around the offensive lineman by pressing either X/Square or B/Circle, and bear down on the QB.

If you’re playing in the defensive backfield as a linebacker and you want to stop the run, then you have some specific rules to follow. It’s not a good idea to get too close to the line of scrimmage, as you want to be able to hold back and see where the running back goes. If they go outside, you’re free to follow them to the outside of the huddle, but if they run straight up the middle, then you’ll have to close the distance between them and you as quickly as possible.

You generally want to follow the running back wherever they go if you’re playing as a linebacker and you want to stop the run, but you also don’t want to get held up by any blocking offensive players. This is why it’s a good idea to hand back from the huddle and see where the HB goes, instead of running straight into the fray and getting held up.


These are all the very best defensive plays to offer you, if you need to practice setting up any of these plays, you can always hop into a practice game against the AI before taking your game online.

Madden 18: MUT Squads Guide

The Madden 18 Ultimate Team MUT Squads mode is requires three players to band together online to take down an opposing team of three other players, it is a brand new feature. If you do not know too much, it does not matter. Now, we put together this Madden 18 MUT squads guide, to detail everything that goes on in the brand new mode. featuring guides on the best offensive plays to call no matter the situation, as well as a complete guide to the new Longshot story mode.

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Madden 18 MUT Squads Guide
As we mentioned above, you have to either gather together two friends to participate in MUT Squads, or you’ll have to join up with two other random players online to form a team.

Once you’ve got a team together, you’ll each have to pick a role for your MUT Squads team. We’ll outline the three roles below, as well as the responsibility that each one bears.

  • Offense Captain – As the Offense Captain, you’ll bring in your Madden 18 Ultimate Team offensive roster as well as your offensive playbook. You’ll be able to control any player on the field, including the QB, and it’ll be your responsibility to call both plays and timeouts while your team is on offense.
  • Defense Captain – You’ll be able to control any player on the field as the Defense Captain, with the exception of the QB and any kickers. You’ll import your defensive players and defensive playbook to make up the rest of your MUT Squads team, and you’ll have the responsibility of calling defensive plays and timeouts while on defense.
  • Head Coach – The most relaxed role of the three, the Head Coach is responsible for bringing in the stadium, head coach card, and team uniforms. You can play any role except QB or kickers while Head Coach, and it’s up to you to make the decisions on penalties.

So effectively, three players make up the full MUT Squads roster, which you then collectively use to play against other teams online. However, actually playing a game of MUT Squads is in itself a challenge, as you’ll need to properly coordinate with both of your teammates in order to win.


Madden 18 MUT Squads Tips and Tricks

We’ve outlined some MUT Squads tips and tricks for you just below, in order to make the entire thing a smoother ride for you.

  • If you’re going to take on the Offense Captain role, be prepared to bring in a playbook with a good amount of run plays – throwing can be absolutely chaotic in MUT Squads.
    If you are the Offense Captain and you either hand the ball off or pass the ball to an AI-controlled player, you will automatically be put in control of the player who receives the ball.
  • When you’re playing the role of a receiver, make sure to stick to your route, and if you do go off-route, make sure it’s in a straight line, so your QB can easily place the ball within your grasp.
  • While online voice chat isn’t exactly a necessity in MUT Squads (or even in Madden 18 at all), it can help you coordinate with your fellow teammates and explain exactly what play you’re calling and why.
  • When you’re playing on defense, it might be a good idea to have at least one person playing on the defensive line – they can pass rush better than the AI can, and reduce the amount of time the opposing QB has in the pocket.
  • Prepare for teams in some cases to be horribly imbalanced, as while you could bring in a great offensive lineup with a rating of 80, someone else could bring in a weaker defensive lineup with a rating of 60.

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How To Change Your Equipment To Warmage Mythic

Mythic and set items have the same base stats. Both of those have marginally better base stats than ancient. Most of players wants to changing their equipment to mythic, and a few players are not sure what pieces should they look for exactly. Others can give you advice on how to change warmage mythic equipment.

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One of the players raised some questions:” Can you suggest what items should I be looking for? As I understand Bloodstained should be the best option for chest, but what about other slots? Also, how important is Mana reduction on Warmage because I never prioritized this stat?” Others suggested you should work toward a set with bonuses that you like. If you are worried about cash setting up a decent lvl of gear to grind 21 lupas isn’t hard for a war mage. Selling the sage stones makes for some pretty fast.

Plus, others say if youre going to want to prioritize capping cdr and crit chance, there’s no specific mythic you HAVE to get to do that. Mediah Magic Association bottoms do come with 5% cdr which can help cap but is NOT needed as they are very expensive. PVE wise Bloodstained robe is probably best but in PVP the 20% Elite/Boss monster attack wont help at all. Usually once you use Hallucination you shouldnt have to worry about MP, also using Marching Blade and Fire Clutches at the same time in between cooldowns keeps MP at a decent rate.

You will start to run into mana issues the closer you get to 50% cdr. And you have got enough soul points now it helps to be able to not need cdr on every piece freeing up a slot or 2 for mana reduction. As for gear, as has already been mentioned blood stained and mediah pants are both amazing. Overwhelming life ring is also incredible and I’m a big fan of the mediah earrings too if you can get good rolls. Apart from that you prolly need to be looking at set pieces, the 2 piece bonus for hallucintory is amazing for pve and the blood fest one is great for PVP if you havn’t looked into yet some of the morph gems that are made with sage stones are extremely nice too, apart from that mythics are only better than ancients if you get good rolls as they can roll slightly higher stats. U wont get more AP or defense out of them. Another person added.


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Madden 18: Devin Gets An Offer To Star In The Reality Show Longshot

Madden 18 is a long-history football simulation video gameplay. Longshot is the popular game mode in recent years, you can quickly begin to see this game’s more details, let’s go to here: I came into this mode not expecting much, but it could be my favorite part of Madden 18 just because it’s so fresh. Of course, the characters are extremely likable, and let’s just leave the ending ambiguous. Grasping the best chance to buy cheap madden 18 coins.

Madden 18

For the most part, the game is on-rails, but you will play a good amount of football under the helmet of Devin Wade. You’ll go back to high school to win the big game, then show off your throwing and play-calling skills under the lights of the reality show. The game does a good job of teaching football fans a few of the intricacies of the sport, but the mini-games can also become repetitive and seemingly pointless.

Devin gets an offer to star in the reality show Longshot, which promises weeks of one on one training with a Super Bowl-winning coach ahead of the super-regionals. This is Devin Wade’s best chance to get back in the NFL. The story centers around Devin Wade and his attempt to return to football after being away from the game, and draws from inspirations such as Friday Night Lights.

For this mode, there are three endings to the mode. There are fixed save points in the game if you don’t want to complete the story in one sitting, and you could conceivably go back to earlier saves in an attempt to rewrite history if you want to. The mode accommodates three save slots. The mode’s main purpose isn’t to let you control and define minutely who Wade is, but to experience the overall arc of the story while still keeping you interested through your actions as Wade.

Path of Exile: Major Features of War For The Atlas

Only two days before the War For The Atlas, are you ready? GM2V and you are looking forward to the moment. Today, GGG has released the full patch notes for War For The Atlas, let’s take a look at Major Features of War For The Atlas.

Path of Exile

  • A mysterious entity, known only as The Elder, haunts the Atlas of Worlds, spreading decay and battling The Shaper for control.
  • Added 32 new maps including two new Unique maps.
  • Added new boss fights with The Elder and his four Guardians.
  • Introduced Shaped and Elder items. These items can only be obtained in areas where the Shaper or the Elder holds influence, or by defeating the Shaper or Elder themselves. Shaped and Elder items can obtain mods not found elsewhere, as well as higher-tier versions of some existing mods.
  • Added a new quest: The Queen of the Sands. This quest can be obtained by talking to Petarus and Vanja in Act 9 after completing the prerequisite quest The Storm Blade. The Book of Skill quest reward for completing The Storm Blade has been moved to the Queen of the Sands. The Storm Blade now rewards players with their choice of several rare weapons.
  • Added 48 new Unique items.
  • Added 6 new Divination Cards designed by our supporters.
  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Skill Gem – Unearth: Fires a projectile that will pierce through enemies to impact the ground at the targeted location, creating a Bone Archer corpse where it lands.
  • Added a new Dexterity Skill Gem – Cremation: A targeted corpse explodes, dealing area damage and turning into a volcanic geyser, which will repeatedly unleash projectiles sequentially over the surrounding area for a duration. The explosion of the corpse is not affected by modifiers to spell damage, and cannot be reflected.
  • Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity Skill Gem – Bodyswap: Your body explodes, dealing spell damage in an area around you, and a targeted corpse also explodes, dealing damage around it. Your body is recreated at the location of the corpse. The explosion of the corpse is not affected by modifiers to spell damage, and cannot be reflected. This spell cannot be repeated.
  • Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Skill Gem – Volatile Dead: Corpses near the targeted location explode, dealing damage in a small area and creating an orb which moves towards nearby enemies before dealing spell damage in a larger area. The explosion of the corpse is not affected by modifiers to spell damage, and cannot be reflected.
  • Vulnerability has been split into two skill gems – Vulnerability and Despair. Vulnerability, a Strength Skill Gem, curses all targets in an area, causing them to take increased physical damage and increased physical damage over time. Attacks against cursed enemies have a chance to inflict bleeding and maim.
  • Despair, an Intelligence Skill Gem, curses all targets in an area, making them less resistant to chaos damage and causing them to take increased damage over time. Cursed enemies also take additional chaos damage when hit. Existing Vulnerability skill gems have become Despair.
  • Added a new Intelligence Support Gem – Storm Barrier Support: Creates a barrier around you while you channel a supported skill. The barrier reduces the physical and lightning damage you take from hits, and grants you a chance to gain a power charge when hit.
  • Added a new Dexterity Support Gem – Volley Support: Adds two projectiles to supported skills, and causes them to be fired from points to either side of you, in parallel. Projectiles Nova (found on Sire of Shards) will currently override the projectile source part of this support, however, this will change in a future patch.
  • Added a new Intelligence Support Gem – Spell Cascade Support: Supported area-targeting skills will also target an area in front of and behind your initial target.
  • Added a new Strength Support Gem – Ancestral Call Support: Supported single-target melee skills targets two additional nearby enemies.
  • Added a new Dexterity Support Gem – Mirage Archer Support: Hitting an enemy with a supported bow skill creates a Mirage Archer who continues to use that skill for a duration.
  • Added 3D art for: Malachai’s Mark, Dialla’s Malefaction, Dendrobate, Hiltless, Void Battery, Redblade Tramplers and Lightning Coil.
  • Added a new unique Strongbox designed by one of our supporters.
  • Added a new Rogue Exile based on the winner of the Best Dressed Exile competition.

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You Can Now Explore Much More From The MU Legend World


Even if MU Legend on low-end devices, and the game can show amazing visuals, apparently, one significant benefit that MU Legend presents is that the technique runs around the Unreal Engine three. On top of that, you can now explore much more from the MU Legend world with far more important self-confidence and get even more out from the practical experience. If you don’t want to be scammed by many fake websites, why not to go to here:

MU Legend

MU Legend’s Open Beta Is Going Strong Right Now For Webzen, In The Recent Interview, Talking About New PvP Content, Crafting, Progression And New Class, According to MMOROG And Dennis.

MMOROG: What has been the biggest technical hurdle so far in the Open Beta?

Dennis: The biggest technical hurdle were connection issues with our North American IDC. Unfortunately, these connection issues are not directly caused by us or our IDC, but rather by ISPs. We are in contact with these companies in order to help them to fix those issues.

MMOROG: What sort of new content and features are being added in the weeks ahead leading into the official launch?

Dennis: On 5th of December we will release our 3vs3 PVP content. In early January we are planning to release a bigger patch which will introduce some great competitive guild features and much more. Overall we are very excited about the content roadmap we have for 2018.

MMOROG: How has the reception been towards MU Legend since launch? What is the positive and negative feedback you’re seeing?

Dennis: We consider the overall feedback quite positive. Many players acknowledge that it is the OBT of the game and that we are continuously working on improvements of the game. The positive feedback is actually quite simple: most players like our game what makes us happy. The negative feedback is mixed. We are still in process of analyzing all feedback and come to conclusions.

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Madden NFL 18 Overview – Details Of The Description

Experience Madden like never before! The spectacle of the NFL game day comes to life through our most photorealistic graphics engine to date. MUT Squads Join forces with your friends and create the ultimate team of NFL stars before you compete with your team online against the competition. Madden NFL presents Longshot. Longshot is Madden NFL’s first full-fledged and playable story mode. Staged by the magnificent Frostbite engine, you slip into the skin of Devin Wade, a once-hopeful up-and-coming talent who wants to make it to the NFL draft.


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Thanks to the Frostbite engine Madden NFL 18 graphically makes a giant leap forward. Stunning new stadium designs await you, surrounded by vast cityscapes. Experience the NFL spectacle on match day in this ultra-photo-realistic game up close. Play every encounter the way you want it. Choose from three new game variations or play every week in Play Now Live the most interesting games in the real world! Introducing even more gameplay in combination with your favorite modes (Madden Ultimate Team and Franchise), you’ll experience Madden like never before.


  • POWERED BY FROSTBITE Experience Madden like never before.
  • Stunning new stadium designs await you, surrounded by vast cityscapes. Experience the NFL spectacle on match day in this ultra-photo-realistic game up close. With mesmerizing fireworks, player appearances and breathtaking weather effects, you’ll experience Madden like never before. THIS WAS ONLY THE FIRST HIGHLIGHT.
  • PLAY NOW LIVE! Play the most interesting NFL games in the real world every week!
  • Play with your favorite team or play the most interesting match of the week thanks to live updates with up-to-date lineups, custom comments and the latest stats, before you continue your own season through Play Now through to the Super Bowl.


  • Target Passing: For the first time you do not necessarily have to throw on the free-standing wide receiver. Play who you want. Throw the ball to an exact spot on the field. Free Pass gives you – and only you – the ultimate control over where to land the ball.
  • Play Styles: Play the game the way you want, and choose from three new and unique Play Styles that allow you to take advantage of your strengths every time you encounter them:
  • Arcade: Action-packed gameplay with spectacular moves and touchdowns and limited penalties.
  • Simulation: Real player and team ratings with authentic gameplay and official NFL rules.
  • Competitive: Your skills on the controller are crucial here. Earn harsh rewards or fierce penalties.
  • Coverage Assignment: Thanks to a real-time user interface, you’ll always have an eye on your defensive cover assignment and know what to do in terms of passport coverage.
  • Coach Adjustments: Customize the AI to your game plan and make any changes to your strategy at any time, as your game requires.


  • MUT Build your ultimate team of current NFL stars and legendary players of the past and lead them to victory on the field.
  • Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is an immersive mode where you can build your own NFL team of your favorite past and present NFL players. Complete games, earn rewards, and improve your team with daily interesting and fun content updates, including legendary NFL players only available in MUT. Keep your squad constantly on the go to reach elite status and build your own Ultimate Team dynasty. That was not all that long ago.
  • FRANCHISE Create your dynasty.
  • Play full match matches a week or work through a season faster by only taking offense or defense or intervening at crucial moments in a game. Take the reins and take control of the management of your team. Sign up for free agents, trade players, take care of the scouting and the draft, because by making decisions you’re shaping your dynasty. Compete against other players in an online league format and win the title. With the Madden Companion app, you can even manage your franchise on the go on your smartphone.

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