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How to Get a Skill Cape

Skillcapes are rewards to people whom have a Level 99 in any skill. People who wear it can show them off to others. This article will show you how to get one.

1.Work in any skill, such as woodcutting, fishing, or combat. There are several wikiHow articles for you to read on how to achieve a high level or a level 99 in a specific skill.
Fishing, woodcutting, fletching, hunter, mining, smithing, and firemaking.

2.Understand that to achieve the Quest Cape, you must complete all free or members quest if you are a member you need to do all of it. If a new quest comes out, the cape will then be put into your inventory until you complete the new quests. Continue reading

Gunnar’s Ground Update

Why doesn’t the barbarian village have a proper name? Why are these savage warriors living deep inside civilised lands? Why is there a dwarf slumped against the wall of their village, looking miserable? Take a trip west of Varrock to find out!

This new quest, for both free-players and members alike, delves into the history of the barbarian village. Gunnar’s Ground focuses heavily on the story and the characters in it, but there’s still time for RuneScape’s first poetry puzzle. Free-to-play mages will find the new rewards especially interesting. Although this is a novice quest, additional rewards are available to high-level crafters.

Gunnar’s Ground replaces Romeo & Juliet in the quest list. We think of it as a spiritual reworking of this classic quest to tie it more deeply into RuneScape’s own background and stories. You’ll recognise some of the story elements, but we’ve kept Continue reading